On a CNN talk program about the bombing of Iraq, a liberal Democratic senator accidentally told a great truth. He was asked by the moderator what he regretted, and he said, "I regret that there are not more Senator McCain's in the Congress."

How true, how profoundly true! Every liberal Democrat regrets that. Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona, is one of the Democrats' greatest resources. He sponsored the McCain-Feingold Bill, which would limit all Republican campaign spending. At the same time, the McCain-Feingold proposal would leave the unions free to back liberals with their members' dues.

McCain wanted to take care of smoking by taxing hell out of cigarettes. That tax would fall on working people and give the money to Washington bureaucrats. This time, good old reliable McCain was attacking anybody who would dare say that our beloved president would time his attack on Iraq for political purposes. Like all respectable conservatives, McCain was more vicious than any liberal in attacking conservatives who dare to tell the simple truth.

Conservative respectables like McCain say that if the president timed his attack for political purposes, his cabinet members would resist him and tell on him.

Yeah, right! You notice the number of high-level political appointees who blow the whistle on liberals?

Respectable conservatives especially point out that it is a moderate Republican, Bill Cohen, who is Clinton's Secretary of Defense. Surely good old Bill Cohen would tell if Clinton were doing something political with our armed forces.

In the real world, Cohen would sell out FIRST. You are far more likely to find a conscience in a LIBERAL than in a moderate Republican. Selling out is what moderate Republicanism is all about.

Everything about Bill Clinton is political. Of course this attack took place when he needed it. And nobody around him is going to object.

I have been in high-level political counsels. If you tell the public what is going on, you never get back in the circles of power.

Before you get self-righteous about this, please remember the people ELECT rulers who withhold the truth from them this way.

Look at the women who told on President Clinton. Our beloved and heroic "people" tore them to pieces. Democracy is a system of government where people get what they deserve. But, surely, our noble heroes in uniform would tell if the president put their soldiers in harm's way for political purposes, right?


To a respectable conservative, anybody in a soldier suit automatically attains some kind of godhood. But back here in the real world, the guy in uniform is just another human being.

Nobody, but nobody, gets a general's star in this day and age unless he is an excellent bureaucrat. That means he puts politicians' interests first. It is no accident that the one American general who was known as a heroic whistle blower was not actually a general. "General" Billy Mitchell was a colonel. He was given a temporary eighteen-month promotion to general while he was assigned to command the Army Air Force in the 1920s.

Mitchell was expected to keep his mouth shut, like any other general. Instead, when he found out what was going on, he blew his top and went public.

No general since has ever done that. No general ever will do that again. And if it is silly to say the generals would tell on Clinton, it is madness to say his POLITICAL ADVISORS would. The story is that they would never, never allow Clinton to put our soldiers' lives in danger for political purposes.

Let us forget for a minute just how ruthless this Administration's politics are, and look at one other simple fact

Almost all of these appointees are LAWYERS!

Have you ever heard a lawyer discuss the repeat criminals he and his colleagues put back on the streets? He will look you in the eye and say that, sure, they will kill people when he helps them hit the streets again.

But, he will tell you, that's just the way things are.

He will not hesitate for a second to do everything he can to get those murderers, rapists, and psychopaths back on the streets ASAP.

These are thugs, gang. Like all thugs, they use the Constitution and all the cliches, but the bottom line is that they will not hesitate to get people killed, and they will get people killed for far less than a presidential appointment.