OBSERVATIONS | 1998-10-03

1. *National Review* lead article this time was an endorsement of Inglis. They said he was a New South candidate who wants the Confederate flag down and represents the Future. Respectable conservatism is on the march!

2. Republicans are very upset about Democrats who say, "Yes, Clinton lied. Now let's move on."

Well, gang, right after the 1996 election in December, Beasley said he met with the Lord God until 3 AM, and the Lord God told him to demand the Confederate flag be pulled down. He had promised all through the 1994 campaign to keep that flag up. Then in 1996, Beasley needed pro-flag voters to support Dole if he ever wanted to run for vice president. So God waited until the 1994 and 1996 elections were over.

It happened that changing his position on the Confederate flag was what Beasley felt he had to do to position him to run for vice president.

So in December of 1996, Beasley looked us straight in the eye and said the Lord God Himself had told Beasley get that flag down.

Now South Carolina Republicans are telling us that, yes, he lied to us, but now we need to move on and vote for Beasley anyway. Look carefully at the Republicans who are saying that right now. Listen carefully to the ones who pose as traditionalist Southerners. Remember their names.

Every word they say sounds exactly like the Clinton spin. Let me warn you now: those people will always sell you out when it is convenient.