OBSERVATION | 1999-05-08

NATO's bombing of Serb television makes it clear this is a liberal war. Normally, a television station is a civilian institution, and Clinton and his stooges declare they are only attacking military targets. But attacking Serb television is legitimate for a fascinating reason.

Serb television can be attacked because it LIES! That is EXACTLY what every liberal says. Naturally, CNN's pet conservative, Kate O'Beirne, immediately agreed.

No one, least of all respectable conservatives, said that Serb television, IN THE OPINION OF LIBERALS, lies. No, if liberals decide it lies, it needs to be bombed.

No respectable conservative would deny that.

This is a major escalation. Anyone liberals accuse of lying in Serbia is now a fair target of violence.

If liberals say you lie, you are a legitimate target of violence. This is a precedent that will come back to haunt us all.