NOW I'VE LEARNED MY ABC'S.... | 2005-02-19

If everybody responded to Whitaker's points that way, we could get on to more interesting and, Lord knows, more productive discussion.

Males have a function. Females have a function. It is scary to me that I have to explain anything this obvious. In fact, it makes me feel a little nuts when I have explain these basics over and over and over and over and over.

The Chinese had movable print before whites did. But they didn't DO anything with it. The very fact that scholars have to dig to find out that the Chinese historically did have movable type or gunpowder or a mechanical clock sometime in history shows how DIFFERENT Orientals are.

You don't have to dig to find out whites had gunpowder. You don't have to dig to find out that whites had movable print. You don't have to dig to discover that men use women for their purposes and women use men for theirs.

And while I'm at it, let me also explain that you are carrying around two pounds of various symbiotic beings in your body that you feed and keep warm and provide a home for. These are microbes in your stomach and intestines that are absolutely essential to digestion. They are symbiotic. We need them and they need us. They use us to survive. We use them to survive. They are USING you.

But you can't live without them.

All my life I have wanted to take all these basics and MOVE ON. I want to do some THINKING, something creative in real social sciences.

Instead my whole life has been "Oh, my God, they got it wrong AGAIN. OK, let's get back to A. We will get to B and C later."

It's like trying to explain basic arithmetic all your life. "Every man leads a life of quiet desperation." I am DESPERATE to talk about calculus, but my whole intellectual life is dedicated to finding ways to explain 2 + 2 equals 4 over and over and over.