NOBODY HAS A MEMORY | 2005-01-01

I have repeated this fact many times, and it fits right here.

"Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot?" I don't know about acquaintances, but every "inevitable" and "unchangeable reality" of last month has been forgotten for the last three weeks.

No professional Sovietologist could even imagine the total collapse of the Soviet Empire. Yes, I know you heard from somebody that somebody predicted it, but I hear that from everybody else. It didn't happen.


It's like those identical twin tests that show that many identical twins are very different. They don't exist, but otherwise truthful people would say they saw them.

I remember when private transportation was going to be in helicopters instead of cars. And every year, for decades, those who predicted the future were always WRONG, LAUGHABLY wrong, TRAGICALLY wrong.

That seems to be the one "historical inevitable" that nobody but me has ever noticed.