Recently there was another scene straight out of the Inquisition in Europe. A European graduate student was trying to stay out of prison for research he had been doing. In France and Germany you get an automatic one-year prison sentence if you question any aspect of the Holocaust.

As in the United Kingdom, when it comes to Hate Law, "the truth is no excuse" (The Crown Versus Joseph Pierce,1986). So a French grad student had found some information that questioned the holocaust and he was trying to stay out of prison. He sat there at his university, that Citadel of Free Inquiry, and insisted that he hadn't spoken Heresy. His professors were mostly Inquisitors.

In Germany, a person was accused under the Holocaust law and he could not have witnesses, because the witnesses would have gone to prison for testifying on his side.

Can you imagine the shriek that would go up around the world if an American witness for a terrorist were threatened with prison for testifying in the terrorists' favor?

But, of course, when it comes to violating Political Correctness, one has no rights.

Listening to Europeans, you get the impression that their court system must be perfect. They have none of our exposures of police misconduct or convicting of the innocent.

In Europe, they have these little guys in round hats or wigs or some other uniform who pronounce what, if you listen to the silence, must be perfect justice. Our system is messy.

Anything human is messy. So why is European justice, like so much else in Europe, so perfect?

Well, first of all, we all know that these countries are largely white. Nobody is allowed to say it, but that helps a LOT. But lately, even that hasn't overcome the sheer dumbness of leftist policy.

The European crime rate, under policies of the kind being developed in Johannesburg for the environment, has gone from astonishingly low to unbearably high.

But in Europe, the people are obedient. They apparently don't mind the crime rate. You don't have the kind of hell-raising you do here.

Europe is the leftists' dreamland. The people there obey and believe. The fashion right now is to take guns away every time a nut misuses one. Europeans rush to obey the fashion. Australians and Canadians, good little colonials, do the same thing. Since gun confiscation, crime has shot up in Australia, but once you get a leftist law in a European colony, it is forever.

The American east coast and the Ivy League LOVE Europe.