Very few Aristocrats tolerated Jews. Naciocrats tolerate and LOVE Jews. There is a difference.

There are no Aristocrats and there have been no Aristocrats in hundreds of years. If there are any true Aristocrats around, we are it.

Comment by Tim


I coined a term I call naciocrats. I know a number of classical scholars, and tried it out on them. They sort of said it was all right.

I knew that naciocrat was that no-no of no-nos, a Latin beginning combined with a Greek ending. What I was looking for was a correction of "nacio" for the Greek term. Each of the experts acted as if they hadn't quite heard me and said the term naciocrat was OK.

Actually nacio is a Latin term, the basis of the present Latin languages term "nacion," which means nation. It is related to the Latin word for "birth." But every Latin country demands "assimilacion," which means that anybody who is a good Catholic is part of their "nacion" regardless of birth.

If you speak French, you're French.

So naciocrat is probably wrong, but classical scholars approve it for a reason that few of us have learned to live with: They don't KNOW. When an expert acts like he doesn't hear you, it is a signal that he doesn't know.

The important point, as Tim points out, is that "aristocracy" is an absurd term. They are NOT "aristos," the BEST. So they sell us out like any other clown does. They sell their lineage out the way they would sell anything else.

"Aristocrat" hell! They are trash with a family tree.