It used to be thought that female alligators ate their young as soon as they were hatched from the egg.

Now we know that the trip from the ditch where the baby alligator hatched to the water is the most dangerous single trip that animal will ever make. So Ma Gator takes the hatchling in her ferocious jaws and carries it gently into the water to protect it.

No animal dares go after the little reptile being carried in those enormous jaws.

Other animals protect their children in different ways. The mother tiger uses her claws to protect her young, and if you want to die, one way to do it is to threaten a baby elephant when its gigantic kin are nearby.

We don't have enormous jaws or elephantine size or slashing claws. For our children's protection we have the most successful weapon nature ever devised, the human brain.

Just saying nice things, just using your jaws, is the morality of a reptile.

Liberals say Love is a guy in beads and bandanna strumming a guitar and singing nice things.

That is not what the Golden Rule says.

To do unto others as you would have them do unto you is not as simple as it sounds. It often requires hard work from both the brain and the heart.

Real human love is something that only comes from Homo sapiens, the creature with the brain.