The institutions based on the name of Christ started with a degenerate philosophy from the last stages of Zoroastrianism, then considered high sophistication by St. Paul and the Pharisees.

For a millennium and a half, this institution preached that one should select the most intelligent and, yes, the most beautiful of each generation and spay or neuter them, psychologically of course.

Origen was condemned for making the castration literal. Whatever quibble one wants to make about the history that WAS banned by church law. All human sacrifice was to be done by psychological means, but it was as wholesale as that of the Aztecs, and far more selective.

Then came the Calvinists, who rejected the human sacrifice angle, but concentrated entirely on another aspect of degenerate Zoroastrian Christianity, the torture end.

You see, the other part of Catholic doctrine was self-torture.

I just stand there looking stunned when cowlike moos shape themselves into the following question:

How could a society that for most of its history regarded hunger, psychological self torture, and yes, whipping oneself and wearing hair shirts, which were worse, along with sterility as the highest value of all, how could such set of Traditional Values end up making its white people regard self-hatred and self-destruction as the highest possible good?

Well, gosh, gang, I don't know.

But the Calvinists put even the Inquisitors in the shade. Calvin himself burned a classmate of his to burning and screaming slowly to death.

Then he declared, as Luther did, though that is less well known, that the essence of God was Hell. Most people were born, not just for self-torture, but for eternal damnation.

This, he stated, was for the Glory of God. There tiny minority of the Saved would ENJOY watching the Sinners eternally tortured.

Goodness gracious, how could good, solid Traditional Values based on healthy foundations like those POSSIBLY end up in what was once Western Christendom fanatically dedicated to its own racial death?

If you wonder about that, one of us is insane.