I hate traitors.

When someone accused a Southerner in my youth of "hating" blacks, his reaction was complete puzzlement. Nowadays nobody is allowed to say "some of my best friends are blacks, but in the 50s Deep South it was simply the case.

Some people you like personally and some you don't, in many cases for no reason you cannot explain or even understand why, that's just the way things are.

And, of course, there was paternalism. Blacks had looked to the better class of white folks to go to when they got into trouble since before the Pilgrims got to Plymouth Rock. We had some sixty black families who derived their living from the brick plant and came straight to us for everything from legal trouble to medical emergencies.

In other words, my attitude towards blacks was exactly the same as that of the modern liberal. Nobody else seems to notice that when liberals speak of white guilt against other races and human guilt against animals, the language is precisely the same. Animals and non-whites cannot be guilty, because they are not mentally capable of being responsible for their actions.

Anything bad an animal does is the fault of the humans dealing with them. Anything bad a minority group does is the result of some evil thing a white person, a real person responsible for his own actions, did to them.

One is not even allowed to mention that we had the same attitude. To put both the liberal attitude and the old Southern attitude into plain English, to hate a black was like hating a wildcat or, Heaven forbid, a monkey.

The fact is that an intelligent white has difficulty hating blacks because we all, from the KKK to the NAACP, assume they are inferior beings.

I hate traitors. Once, I am fully aware that Jews routinely hate the society around them.

Please understand that I am aware that in today's lingo liberals are incapable of regarding minorities as inferior and that Jews are incapable of hate. We are told that Jews have been driven out of every country on earth and subjected to horrible persecution all the time and everywhere: "Two thousand years of SUFFERING!"

There was only one human being who could have spent one day SUFFERING on the Cross and not hate those who had done it to him, but he was not a typical Jew. Two thousand years of being hated and driven from land to land, which is how Jews describe THEMSELVES, is going to build up a lot of hatred in any human being, thought the person himself will all it Righteous Resentment.

I am puzzled why people have to produce whole volumes of details to prove something they could explain in five minutes in plain English. The simple fact is that Jews hate those around them as naturally as the Poles hate the Germans or the Germans are assumed to have a hundreds of years old grudge against the French.

That grudge, in 1940, was freely called hate.

Yet her we have a group of people who meet every Saturday to talk about how the People of the Land, the goyim, have killed them and tortured them and driven them out for no reason whatsoever, in every country they have ever dwelt.

In the case of Jews this is called Righteous Resentment, not hatred. But if you know anything about human nature, you know that in every case in history the people who are described as "hating" are absolutely sure that they are merely expressing Righteous Resentment.

Jews hate us. That is because they are Jews. It goes with the territory. I do not hate blacks. Like all other whites, I see them as an inferior group. In my upbringing, a black who commits a crime is somewhere between a dog that kills human and human being responsible for his own actions.

Oddly enough, the way I was raised in the most reactionary Deep South is precisely the same view that the most progressive thinker of today insists on.

But I do hate.

It is an emotion I reserve almost entirely for traitors.