Everybody has his own idea of Hell. It is a very believable place. I remember one, a grand total of ONE, Christian who wanted to talk about HEAVEN.

He actually existed, and he was very frustrated. He expected to go to Heaven and he wanted to blissfully discuss with others the place he EXPECTED to spend eternity. He couldn't find anybody.

I felt a kinship with him, because I long to find people on our side who are interested in something besides JEWS.

He felt that Hell existed, but that is not what he wanted to talk about. I know Jews exist, but I would like to talk about something else, too. Anyway, his frustration is understandable.

Until Western Civilization, society was all about punishment. That is all people can envision. As I said, everybody can envision Hell. Any fool can HURT you. Punishment is CHEAP.

But if you can envision reward you can probably make a fortune. In fact, that is the reason white civilization has taken over totally without any resistance except from people who use computers and telephones to bitch while they are sitting under air conditioners. And they won't even bitch unless they get paid for it. In DOLLARS only, please.

The Evil Secret of white civilization is that it OFFERS things. We use punishment, too, but that, like every other "white" sin, is not unique. It is our REWARD side that is such a dirty trick.

Communism kept going until the moment, the very moment that it eased up on the punishment. It collapsed almost overnight.

Modern Christianity goes easy on the Hell stuff. Modern mainline Christianity is collapsing visibly.

Can Christianity survive if it doesn't keep harping on HELL?

"...the sight of hell torments will exalt the happiness of the saints forever..."

"Reminds me of what the Jehovah's Witnesses teach. Their books are filled with pictures of god killing off evil humanity while hordes of smiling JW's look on approvingly. I wonder if Pastor Russell was a Puritan at heart."

Comment by Mark


Mark, this warms an old man's heart!

I am ALWAYS using the wrong example or the wrong name for a perfectly good point.

Your point is valid.

The fact is that Jehovah's Witnesses are the one major serious Christian group that DENIES the existence of Hell. Sinners will be destroyed, thrown into Sheol, which, as they point out, was a garbage dump. They will not be tortured forever the way Christians" salivate over.

The pictures are of Jehovah DESTROYING sinners. Apparently Pastor Russell - I assume he invented JW - was a Puritan at heart, but he would settle for mere death, which Puritans would have condemned as heresy.

I have a vague suspicion that, if Christianity is true, there WILL be a Hell. But it will only be for those who believe in it and LOVE the idea.