MORAL COWARDICE | 2003-11-08

One thing no one dares accuse The Greatest Generation of is cowardice. Every book written says that they were all heroes. Every book written for the market says they were the Greatest Generation. Every book written for the market says they Saved the World.

If you disagree you are a traitor and you hate our men who died in World War II.

I speak German. I lived in former British colonies. I know an awful lot of people who served on both sides in World War II. I have never heard one single person say that the Americans who fought in World War II were good soldiers except Americans and those who write for the American market.

To a conservative, this is a HORRIBLE thing to say! Conservatives worship uniforms and being a good soldier is everything.

I see no reason why Americans should do especially well in a war on somebody else's continent. I do see a reason why we should be realistic about that.

Americans can be good at anything if they want to be. Our present volunteer army is probably the best one on earth.

America wins wars like no one else in history. But that is not because we are good soldiers. We are great innovators and producers.

The reason that World War II was such a hideous failure was not because those who call themselves The Greatest Generation were not good soldiers DURING the War. They failed because they lacked another kind of courage AFTER the War.

Moral courage.