A person who is fanatical on every issue is useless on the important ones. He can make no agreements for the sake of the important issues because he is already committed on all of them.

If you treasure your loyalty you cannot throw it around. How many conservative movements have been destroyed because of disagreements on one of the hundred Matters of Principle every conservative has to be monomaniacal about?

If you give your loyalty freely to every people or to every issue conservatives bring up you cannot expect anyone to take your allegiance seriously.

Loyalty to everything is loyalty to nothing.

Two last reminders

As I said in "Wordism", May 15, 1999, there are thousands of principles that claim to be Universal Truths. Anyone who claims to unite THIS world with his particular Universal Truth out of the thousands of Universal truths out there actually divides humanity more than a racist or a nationalist does.

As I said in September 4, 1999, ONLY NATIONALISM CAN ALLOW FREEDOM OF THOUGHT: If your loyalty is to a single Universal Truth, you cannot allow any real freedom of thought. Anyone who argues against your particular Univeral Principles is trying to break up your particular version of Wordist Universalism.