The Harlem Globetrotters were once widely popular, often playing on national TV. Now they are hardly heard from. They have even relocated to Arizona. They offered an unabashedly black style of play back before it became the norm for most major league sports. They had to have opponents to play. But they wouldn't just play anyone. They had to create their own opponents.

I remember when they would play a team of short white men named the Washington Generals. The Generals weren't there to make it a real game. They were there to make the Globetrotters look good. They would turn the ball over on purpose to set up the Globetrotters for their stunts. The Globetrotters could make spectacular plays and were entertaining to watch, but most of their stunts couldn't be pulled off in a real game. They needed special set ups. Grownups understood that back then.

Western governments have been disasters for most of the last 150 years or so. Until recently, they had enough real enemies, more or less, to make it look like they were doing their jobs. At least they had mutually beneficial enemies that each could use to keep their subjects in line. But the compound interest on their idiotic and self-destructive policies has mounted to the degree that they must try to shut up even the slightest opposition.

Of course, because Western countries are still "free," they need to keep reminding us of that fact. They need to have a real game, more or less. They need to have spokesmen for "both" sides that agree that Nick Griffin, John Tyndale, David Duke, Ernst Zundel and the Vlams Bloc are "dangerous threats."

Now do you understand what makes respectable conservatives "respectable?"