LIVING IN HISTORY | 2004-10-16

So the fact that I forget there is a presidential campaign going on is because I am in the business of politics and have been through so many.

Chances are, if you read WhitakerOnline you are among the 1% of Americans who are most interested in politics. You are far more in the category of those of us who made a living at it than you are a part of the general population.

Another reason I forget there is a presidential campaign going on is because I live IN history.

Please notice I did not say I was interested in history or that I know a lot of history. I said I LIVE IN HISTORY.

If you keep saying, "This is 2004" as if that were some kind of magic year, you live in a different world from the one I do.

Once again, I think you who read WhitakerOnline are more in my category. You tend to look at 2004 as one more year, but you are familiar with 1924 and 1984.

When I said I wanted Gore to win the 2000 election, I think in terms of Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover. If the Democrats had won the 1928 election, they would have been blamed for the Depression even though they would have been in office less than eight months when the stock market crashed.

My readers know what I am talking about. The average American would be mystified.

So a Republican who felt things were coming apart in 1928, and many did, would have rooted for the Democrat Al Smith the way I rooted for Gore.