St. Thomas More gave us an invaluable lesson on the most effective weapon to use against Evil. He said, "The Devil, Proud Spirit, cannot bear to be mocked."

Nobody is allowed to laugh at the left. They see themselves as brilliant and radical. You can accuse them of anything you want to, but if you point out that they are just plain ridiculous, they go ballistic. Exposing liberal silliness has become such a habit that even Jay Leno has made it a regular part of his opening monologue.

Leftism is SILLY.

The idea that a whole country run by bureaucrats will be efficient, a.k.a. socialism, should be laughed at, not debated. The idea that criminals are basically sweet kids should have been ridiculed away before liberals ever had the chance to kill thousands of people by putting hardened killers back on the streets.

Like Satan, the left cannot bear to be mocked. So every respectable conservative treats every liberal spokesman with deep respect and regards every word of his drivel as serious stuff.

Like Jay Leno, who is a liberal, grassroots anti-liberals have begun violating the rules that govern conservative spokesmen. We are laughing at them, ridiculing them.

Another thing no respectable conservative is allowed to do is to have a memory or talk about the liberals' pattern of behavior. The last ten liberal policy disasters are quickly forgotten as conservatives gravely discuss the latest leftist proposal.

We are beginning to call leftists what they are, in plain English. That is something else that no conservative spokesman ever does.

In the Iraq war, the left is once again on the side of anybody but Americans. Ann Coulter wrote a book about them called Treason. She goes into detail about a pattern we all know: that liberals are always on the side of America's enemies and detractors.

The left is being hurt by the very weapons respectable conservatives are supposed to protect it against, a sense of humor and a memory. For decades, any time a conservative hit them where it really hurt liberals simply called him a racist or something and the respectable conservatives ate him alive.

Liberals are screaming "Wolf!" and "Hitler!" but anti-liberals are having too much fun and too much effect to listen.

Where are the liberals' conservative protectors?