LIBERAL SPORES | 1998-10-24

We have to get out of the Union, because the only discussion inside the Union is between liberals and their pets, the respectable conservatives. In the present so-called discussion, the right can only delay the inevitable expansion of leftist authority.

As recent incidents are demonstrating once again, leftism will not stop until its power is absolute. Respectable conservatives and Southern Crawlers provide a false and temporary illusion of opposition.

Many infections use spores to preserve themselves. A disease germ infests an area, but then the area dries out, so the disease germs form individual, hard shells, and wait for the rain to come back. In the meantime, it looks like the disease has been beaten.

Leftism uses the same method.

Southern Crawlers insist that, now that the libs have won on all the old civil rights fronts, they will quit. How happy we all are now, with JUST ENOUGH anti-white laws. So, by giving liberals those laws, we have inoculated ourselves against any further outbreaks of this disease. We need no longer worry about limitless Federal expansion in the name of civil rights, right?

Wrong. The disease did not go into remission. Like all liberal programs short of total bureaucratic control of everything, it merely spored.

But the spores are always just waiting for their water. And for Federal power extension in the name of diversity, the "water" is a hate crime. Give them one hate crime, and the disease is back in action.

Now a homosexual got murdered, and, surprise, surprise, liberals want more Federal "Hate" laws In the name of the melting pot, we need another extension of Federal authority.

Crawly Southerners (I call them Southern Creeps) agree with liberals that they were wrong to object to such extension last time.

But the respectable conservatives and Southern Creeps say , "THIS time, you really are going too far." Quite reasonably, liberals say, "Just let us enforce it a few years and you'll LOVE it, just like you did everything else we enforced."

Experience everywhere shows us that leftists often look like they've been tamed for the moment. But in the long run, they never stop demanding more. And conservatives never stop giving them more.

Back in 1959, when I first went to England, Hyde Park in London was the world center of free speech. It was a point of pride with Britons: in Hyde Park you could say dirty words or defend dope addiction or anything else. It was a tourist draw because it was unique it the world.

Then, in the 1960s, Britain passed laws against any bad remarks about any minority group. This was a Labour Party move, and bothered a lot of people. But then something happened that made the left look like it had been tamed: a person who was convicted under the law proved that every remark he had made was a simple recitation of statistics. The judge acquitted him with a historic remark

"You cannot imprison an Englishman for telling the truth."

All the world thought freedom of speech was saved in Britain!

It wasn't.

The left was tamed for the moment, but the left always gets what it wants in the long run. It is essential to the left that all dialogue abut minorities be subject to law.

In 1986, the British courts gave the leftists all they wanted. Even the blasé British were shocked. In Crown vs. Joseph Pierce, 1986, the judge gave Pierce a year for inciting racial hatred, and the judge said

"The truth is no defense."

By the way, in 1986 the United Kingdom was under respectable conservative rule.

As usual, the left seemed to be under control, but, with the connivance of respectable conservatives, it has resumed its march toward absolute control over free speech in Britain.

We all know there is now a major offensive to expand Federal authority under new "Hate" laws.

Meanwhile the left is opening up this offensive on new fronts. There is a new cable movie starring Beau Bridges. It is called "Defending the First." The movie argues that anyone who publicly disagrees with the liberal line on race is criminally responsible for hate crimes.

But this incitement is only to be blamed on the political right. Leftists can incite all the hate crimes they want to. A year or two ago, a black man got on a subway in New York City and started shooting white people. He said he hated whites.

A couple of years ago, the New York State School Board actually approved a textbook which stated flatly that all white people were racists! It was pulled at the very last minute.

So, who got blamed for the black man's murder of a lot of white people? New Yorkers unanimously blamed the gun for it! A wife of one of the victims got elected to congress saying it was the gun's fault!

Did you hear any respectable conservative blaming any of this on leftists?

Me neither.

How about Southerner Crawlers?

Me neither.

The bottom line is this: in politics, you are either going forward or you are going back. We must either destroy the left and discredit it, or it will consume us. Respectable conservatives and Southern Creeps say that liberalism so far is not just OK, it is great.

We must either discredit liberalism totally, or we must secede.

We must stop trying to get liberals to approve of us and turn to driving them out. If the Union continues, if leftist respectability continues, your future belongs to the left.