Nothing liberals advocate ever WORKS. The left keeps advocating that government billions be spent on solar power, geothermal and wind power. But if any of these started to WORK, the left would turn on them the way they did on nuclear power when it threatened to solve the energy crisis.

This is a very simple and obvious conclusion if you know anything about political strategy.

Everybody on the left wants to deal with the energy crisis by "conservation," while the right wants to deal with it by "production." The left wants to have bureaucrats dominate American life in the name of "conservation." They want price controls, rationing, and large government-run searches for unworkable "alternative sources of energy."

Liberals cannot say, EVEN TO THEMSELVES, that what they really want is for government to ration and control the price of every source of energy FOREVER. So they tell themselves, and everybody else, that they want bureaucrats to rule our energy use until an "alternative" is found.

In other words, liberals tell us -- and probably think they believe -- that total government control of energy will only last until they find an abundant "alternative" energy source. In the meantime, the total government control they dream of will be a "temporary solution."

It is generally known that there is nothing as eternal as a "temporary government program." Liberals always demand government control of situations UNTIL GOVERNMENT FINDS A SOLUTION. And liberal "solutions" NEVER work.

So what the liberal code words, "a balanced solution," really means is increased government power in the name of conservation and price controls, and government programs for long-term solutions that will never work.

So, as soon as any "solution" looks promising, liberals no longer like the sound of it, and turn against it.