Here is an example of dealing directly with the race question when it is brought up without being either a traitor, a racist or a wimp. Can anybody find any fault with it?

Letter to the Editor

Hartsville Messenger

207 E. Carolina Ave.

Hartsville, SC 29550

September 9, 1998

Dear Sir,

I very much enjoyed Scott Davis' column on the League of the South and our secessionist message. It was an excellent piece.

I am a member of the League but not an official spokesman.

Mr. Davis pointed out that it is League policy to "recruit no racist members" and that "some KKK types are banned from the organization." I would not belong to the League if any "type" were banned from it. These folks are welcome, but they absolutely must leave their hoods outside the door.

The Confederacy will be reactionary, like old-fashioned America. That means there will be room for everybody. If you are a white separatist, nobody is going to use busing or low cost housing to chase you down and impose multiracialism on you.

The same goes for black separatists.

By the same token, if you use violence against anybody, of any color, you will face old fashioned American justice, and the most expensive lawyer in the world won't save you from it.

Mr. Davis points out that some of our leaders like English spelling, because Noah Webster, who started the American spelling, was a Yankee. That is their opinion. I don't share it, but again, there will be room in the Confederacy for oddballs, eccentrics, and downright contrary people.

The day the Confederacy goes into business, Political Correctness closes up shop.


Robert W. Whitaker

Columbia, SC 29204