Senator William Proxmire of Wisconsin was a liberal Democrat. But his big sales pitch was what he called The Golden Fleece Award. Each time, he would give an award to government agencies or grant recipients who had fleeced the public out of a lot of money.

At first The Golden Fleece Award was really good. But it took a lot of work to find out the details of something stupid in one of the Federal agencies every week. So soon Proxmire's staff found a way to get out of all that work. They found a cheap shot that required no effort.

Instead of digging for a real scandal, they looked at the list of National Science Foundation grants that came out each week. They just found a title that sounded absurd. They gave the Golden Fleece to one of those grantees.

Soon they just picked any title that was hard to understand and called that research project a waste of money.

This was easy, and this was evil. To a true yahoo, a real ignoramus, ALL scientific research sounds useless. Someone getting a million dollars to study ocean floor life seems, if you just say it that way, to be a true waste of money. But some of that research is now promising an advance in cancer research.

The result was that Proxmire attacked some of the most productive scientific research that has ever been done. All real scientists despised him, and for excellent reason.

What if Proxmire had been a conservative Republican instead of a liberal Democrat? Liberals would have exposed this gambit instantly. They wold have ridiculed the "hayseed" who attacked great research because the yahoo voters who elected him couldn't understand the titles.

I explained this to a yuppie liberal the other day, and he simply could not take it in. To somebody in the media or a fashionable yuppie liberal or a respectable conservative, a liberal simply cannot be an ignorant yahoo. A liberal Democrat like Proxmire can "make mistakes" or be "too idealistic," but he cannot just be an ignorant, blind rube the way a right-winger can.

So my liberal buddy honestly could not take this in, really! That is what I call hypnotic leftism.

Once during the Cold War, I crossed the Hungarian border on a bus that had some hippies on it. The Hungarian border, like all the borders of the Democratic Peace-Loving People's Republics, had guards standing at the border with automatic weapons to kill anybody who tried to escape from their Workers' Paradise.

On the Hungarian People's Republic side of the border there was a broad dirt ditch cut out. It had signs with the skull and crossbones that are the universal sign for land mines on it.

I knew that the hippies were always saying that the West was at least as bad as the Communists. To them, the Communists were the good guys. I could not imagine how someone could go over a murderous border like that, a prison wall around a country, and imagine the Reds were the good guys. So I watched the hippies to see how they would react to the ditch and guns and land mines and the skull and cross bones.

Their reaction as we got to the Hungarian border was amazing. They simply looked straight ahead. THEY DIDN"T SEE THE MINE WARNINGS OR GUARDS OR THE MURDEROUS DITCH THEY WERE CROSSING OVER! It was as if they went into a trance and came to after we crossed the border.

Hypnotic leftism really is a form of hypnosis. To a hypnotic leftist, a rightist like Hitler or Franco is a dictator. Leftists may make "idealistic errors," but no leftist is ever called a yahoo or a tyrant or an ignoramus.

We must start calling them that and backing it up..