Rush Limbaugh tells us there will always be liberals and conservatives. Both are legitimate points of view. This is one of the ways Limbaugh and other conservatives remain respectable to enough to be permitted.

When you treat the left as if it were a legitimate point of view you must compromise with it. So while Kentucky has rejected the leftist policy of soft on crime it retains the Limbaugh respect for leftism. If prisons are too crowded you must compromise by letting prisoners loose.

The fact is that leftism is not merely mistaken, it is ridiculous. To be partly mistaken is not a way of being smart. It is a form of insanity.

For decades Republicans tried moderation. They said that there was a left a right and a center, so the key to victory was to be in the center. That sounds so good everybody repeated it like a mantra.

The Republicans had a bare majority in both Houses of Congress for two years after the landslide victory of war hero Dwight Eisenhower in the presidential election of 1952. From then until 1980 Republicans stuck to the middle of the road strategy, half liberal silliness and half a rejection of liberal silliness.

If you say "middle of the road" it sounds really Shrewd. If you say it as I just said it, ", half liberal silliness and half a rejection of liberal silliness", you get a realistic view of what moderation really is.

This so-called "moderation" doesn't work in real world politics. If you look at the real congress and the real legislature where people are really elected, they tend to be on the right or on the left.

Those who preach moderation never look at the real world. They just kept mumbling "middle of the road".

In 1952 the Eisenhower landslide gave Republicans a razor-thin majority in both Houses of Congress for two years. After that one two-year majority that Eisenhower won for them in 1952, Republicans lost both Houses of Congress for the next quarter of century.

All that time Republicans followed that "middle of the road" nonsense.

Finally in 1980 Republicans went Reaganite and won the presidency and solid control of the Senate for six years. Then Bush, Senior took over the party leadership in 1989. He was elected as Reagan's successor in 1988, but lost when he took over as his moderate self in 1992.

It was not until 1994 when Gingrich led a hard right strategy for Republicans that they won both Houses of Congress.

Liberalism does not work. Moderation does not work because it takes liberalism seriously. To be a moron is forgivable. To deliberately be half a moron is true insanity.

To be a Moderate is to be a half moron on purpose.