People find it confusing that, even after it became anti-Israel, Jews kept backing the USSR. No one but me seems to remember the desperate all-out fight against the Strategic Defense Initiative, Kennedy's "Star Wars," that was waged by the entire political left just before the USSR collapsed.

Of course SDI was a fake. It was a strategic fake at the time, because it called the USSR's bluff. For the entire forty years of the Cold War, people were convinced that the USSR and the US were neck-and-neck in science. Meanwhile, the Soviets had almost nothing they didn't get via spies. The most astounding accomplishment of the USSR was that in seventy years, it did not come up with ONE SINGLE consumer good anybody outside their prison WANTED. Over two hundred million white people, and not one thing!

SDI was accompanied by some unknown security measures. The USSR, strained to the limit, simply could not compete with the West on breakthrough like this, any more than they could ever send a man to the moon. The legitimacy of the whole image of the USSR was threatened, and that image meant everything to the left.

What the left wanted was a world divided into a left and a far left. It was a well-known strategy called "Two Steps Forward, One Step Back." The left would make huge demands and then settle for half in a compromise with moderate Republicans. They did not distinguish between foreign and domestic policy.

The left wanted all pressure to come from the left. That was the function the USSR served. If we didn't appeal to the third world, the Soviets would. Each foreign policy initiative on the let, each domestic policy, had some reference to the Soviets. They used the USSR in the opposite way that they used Hitler.

This was not a world that the Birchers were capable of understanding.

AFKAN Replies:

Rewrite that in light of the demonic Jewish racial prime directive: "By way of deception, thou shalt do war."

People find it confusing the demonic Jews kept backing the USSR. Hell, Bob! They owned and controlled the USSR! Six out of seven demonic Jewish Oligarchs agree!

This was simply one part of Judaism creating a False Flag to confuse the subhuman Goy (that's you and I, by the way) and it worked remarkably well with Scoop Jackson who did all in his power to make immigration from Russia especially worthwhile for the demonic Jews. Not the Christians, not the people of the Ukraine, no, just the demonic Jews.

The CIA's Internal Sovietologists knew the Soviet Union would collapse and so did Anthony Sutton. Sutton described this in a series of books that, for some reason, were not trumpeted by either the demonic Jew-controlled publishing industry or the demonic Jew-controlled mainstream media or even the Reagan Presidency. They didn't just get it from spies. They got it from the American Government in broad daylight. Sutton lays it out, unless by spies you mean Chase Manhattan Bank.

Communism is simply State Capitalism with the people as Capital. The intellectuals guiding the State? Demonic Jews, of course. They were not in the least bit concerned about consumer goods above a bare subsistence level, for the consumers were simply Goy subhuman cattle and not worth the concern. Their families got the Foreign Ministry jobs, the diplomatic positions, and their families did very well on the Western consumer goods front. You don't think about consumer goods for the cattle in your stockyards. Neither did the demonic Jews running the Soviet (demonic Jew-controlled) Union.

Everything to the left, the demonic Jews and their goyim fellow travelers weren't all that worried about SDI. Their real war was the Gramscian long march through the institutions, which remarkably are controlled by demonic Jews even today.

Where did the term "Political Correctness" come from? Where is it practiced today? Did we win one war to simply face insolvency and bankruptcy while we are being transformed into Soviet America?

The left's specialty was racial policy. They simply covered both sides of the bet with that one. We should do the same.

Yet the Right seemed to have gone along with the program quite merrily. Good for the military/industrial complex and good for the ever-increasing consolidation of power in the central government.

False Flags, anyone? Made in China, Sold by Israel.

Dr. Revilo Oliver saw that for some reason the Bircher initiatives never really got off the ground. He looked and realized that he could talk about everything but race unless the issue of race was framed to the satisfaction of the demonic Jews. "What Do We Owe Our Parasites?" Suddenly, race became what is has become at American Renaissance; you can discuss race all day long if and only if you discuss it in the framework of Black/Brown/White relations.

You can never discuss Judaism as a racial strategy and you can never discuss how the demonic Jews work to control all sides of the discussion of race insuring that they control the outcome no matter what.

Defeatist? Hell, No! It's our power we gave them, it's our power we are using, and its our power we must take back by any means necessary. First at least be aware of how the demonic Jews operate.