One commenter says institutions are all corrupt. Another says fiddle-faddle, that is absurd.

This is an excellent example of getting away from what I THINK I have to teach you. There is nothing illegitimate about this debate.

It just doesn't belong HERE, because "All institutions are perverted" and "All institution are not perverted" is an argument you can have anywhere, and we it distracts from a type of thinking that requires concentration.

In fact, as I say, this is a perfect EXAMPLE of why this kind of thinking requires so much concentration. What we are used to obsessing over is beside the point, and this is a good example of what we are used to obsessing over.

Mr. Webb insists that I understand how powerful a force the media are against us. I make a distinction that I think is critical. I see the media as an institution that is in the hands of the wrong kind of thinking. The universities are the same.

AFKAN keeps talking about the Devil Jews. I keep having trouble with that for exactly the same reason that I have trouble with Mr. Webb. It is certainly not that I disagree with them. Jews and the media and the universities declared war against my race, against the South, against everything I care for.

I expect every commenter to KNOW that. I explain it very simply to anyone who doesn't. I don't need a thick book to do it, as you will see if you read my comments in the antis section of SF. I've been doing it all my life.

I expect you to know that or absorb that. I also take it for granted that you can READ. I also take it for granted that you can use a computer. This is not the place where we try to convince each other this is true.

That seems to be what all pro-white sites spend all their time doing. Here we are talking about WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT.

All I get from AFKAN's general, I say general - his specifics are useful - condemnation of the Jews is what everybody here already knows.

Someone sent me a Personal Message (PM) on Stormfront, after I had done them a favor. The PM said it was testing whether I was worth talking to or not.

Whether or not this person would deign to talk to me was based on this question: Do I understand who the REAL enemy is? Needless to say, he got no reply.

Mr. Webb says he will deign to read the blog until I say the media is important.

He wants me to say the media are a serious problem. That's easy to answer, and the insult is easy to take, I've had plenty of those all my life.

And while Stormfront PMers are expendable, blog commenters are important.

To say the media are a problem is the greatest understatement since the Jews started telling God Almighty that he was something special. They seem to think God needs eternal reassurance.

But I don't see the point of spend all time massaging what seems to be the fragile ego of a being who is both omniscient and omnipotent. Jesus never said "praise God" a single time.

If AFKAN can explain to me what good his "Devil Jew" bit does, I'll be right there joining him. If Mr. Webb can tell me how to take over ownership of the media, I'll be his first recruit.

If not, I'd like to know what good all this hammering on the obvious is doing, because our resources here are very limited and I am making use of them because I know how.

It is certainly not true that you have to own the media to rule.

The media, like all businesses outside of Comrade Armand Hammer's circle, were under the complete control of conservatives while the New Deal took over.

The Nazis were chronically, and desperately, short of money. Communists could always organize a mass rally; the total Nazi vote in 1928 was down to 200,000.

To me, the question is not who the villains are, but what WE need to do.

In the present situation, the Mantra is infinitely more effective than one more exposure of Jewish power or another attempt to buy up CBS.

AFKAN Replies to Bob:

Discussions of race on our side have been notoriously unproductive. Truth be told they have usually been counterproductive. This is because our racial enemies the demonic Jews have pretty much defined the terms, the agenda and the debate, all to their satisfaction.Thus they have hid behind the assumption that race is a black/white issue. This keeps the discussion pretty much on the level of the material consciousness, and even then, only on the most superficial of levels.

Thus the demonic Jews can actually form the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and virtually everyone will see "colored" as meaning "black," instead of its true definition, "not whites", e.g., blacks and Jews. For many years we have defined race by limiting it literally to "black and white" terms, which is what the demonic Jews want us to do.

We look everywhere but at the race that wins and makes all of the money from the conflicts between the other races. In short, the Eternal Middleman, and the Eternal Parasite, are one and the same race. We see this most explicitly at Jared Taylor's American Renaissance website where discussion of the issue of race is explicitly limited to black/brown/white and issue of the actions and motivations of Jews as a race are explicitly banned from discussion.


Because once awareness of and analysis of the organization of Jews along racial lines becomes understandable the mystery of Jewish success becomes revealed as racial activity all in the furtherance of the demonic Jew's one commandment: "Is it good for Jews?" This commandment is applied with a Hive Consciousness level of organization that is literally breathtaking in its depth and complexity.

What keep the demonic Jews so well organized is two things, the one racial commandment and the need to demonize anything outside of the Jewish race, to demonize it and attack it and either transform it into something that serves the demonic Jewish race or destroy it.


The first of their Holy Books, the Talmud, is simply a manual of low-intensity racial warfare, the Jews against the Goyim, with every law having an exception so that it only applies to the Goyim and never to the demonic Jew. The second of their Holy Books, the Kaballah, is a manual of spiritual discipline wherein they serve their God, the god of Babylon. As well, the demonic Jews have a third Holy Book, but it is not in writing. Rather, it is the oral tradition that passes from rabbi to rabbi, father to son, in elite families, and supersedes everything in writing, in the fulfillment of the reason for the one Jewish commandment, Jewish domination over all life.

To speak of race without identifying the demonic Jews and how and why they do what they do is to speak of color without light. It is the key that explains so much so easily. It easily explains why less than three percent of the US population controls virtually all of the financial system, virtually all of the Mainstream Media, virtually all of the education and indoctrination system, and virtually all of American politics.

A gift for ruthless and disciplined organization along racial lines allows the parasites to dominate the host and even have the host pay for the privilege. To speak of racial issues and not speak of the demonic Jews is to speak of color without light and to wander in the darkness of fighting the Jew controlled false flag of the moment: Communism, Soviet Communism, Chinese Communism, the Civil Rights Movement, the Secular Progressives, the Liberals, you name it, all are the names adopted by one race for one purpose, domination.

Thus the conservatives fought false flag after false flag never making one iota of headway and then holding it. Literally the only effective opposition the demonic Jews ever had, white men, Western Man, chasing one false flag after another, like Charlie Brown letting Lucy hold the damn football, has neutralized acting in the framework of Nation-State of their racial homelands.

Fourth down and Charlie Brown is still on the none.

The real purpose of the Jew controlled false flags is to provide distractions. Yes, but also to wear their racial enemies down in a sense of futility. They seem to have succeeded remarkably well. I suspect the conservative's foremost True Believer analyst, the late Sam Francis, realized this. Indeed, the example of Sam Francis might be useful as a microcosm of the dramatic shift in consciousness needed to awaken to the primal reality of race.

VNN's Alex Linder lit off on the late Sam Francis and was criticized for this. Linder's point in essence was that Francis had accomplished exactly nothing in terms of the stated goals of the conservatives.

I've been rereading Francis and think Dr. Francis saw the truth, but because of his milieu could not express it. The truth was race matters and the ideal model to see just how a race can organize and achieve its racial goals was the Jews.

For the most casual statement of this Francis was fired from his editorial position at the Washington Times and was effectively blacklisted by so many of his former conservative friends. I suspect Francis realized the truth and could only discuss it in polite society, in the most abstract of terms. His critique of the Buchanan Revolution leads directly to a damn near racial focus and a racial single-mindedness in the fulfillment of the solution. The Perot Rebellion and the Buchanan Revolution both spoke to racial issues, implicitly in the case of Perot and explicitly in the case of Buchanan.

Both terrified the one party that governs America, and both were neutralized. New false flags were found to distract their followers and the Republicans adopted the words and symbols of the "Reagan Revolution" a bit more forthrightly.

Lucy was holding a new football and once again Charlie Brown had gained no yardage. Charlie's fans are getting tired of losing and yet the wisest of them realize the game must be rigged, somehow. It is. Charlie Brown wanted to kick the ball and he could not bring himself to accept that Lucy's words were of support but her actions were of treachery.

Now substitute the white race for Charlie Brown and substitute the Republican Party for Lucy. Hell, I'll bet Charlie Brown's Coach is a Libertarian!

This is the first part of the insight that cost Francis his legitimacy in the eyes of the controlled media.

The second part of the insight is that Lucy was simply a tool of unnamed interests that wanted to make sure the white race never caught an even break and never realized the reality of the racial war being waged against it on all fronts by the demonic Jews. To us the demonic Jews allow us many rules and many exceptions particularly as the rules might apply to them. Thus, for whatever reason, so many exceptions are made to the rule that Lucy must hold the football steady that there is no rule if applying that rule might mean anything less than victory for the demonic Jews.

For themselves the demonic Jews have only one rule and only one commandment and it is applied ruthlessly on behalf of their race. "Is it good for Jews?"

We never see whom Charlie Brown is playing against. Somehow, I bet their football is held perfectly and their team acts as one in purpose. And that one purpose is a racial purpose against all other life in the universe in general and the white race in particular.

We have to do something about that while we can. Race writ large is the only organizing principle that works across time and space. It works for our racial enemies the demonic Jews and the irony is the only power the demonic Jews have is the power they take from us. It can work for our race with spectacular results. All we have to do is shift the focus of consciousness a bit at a time into an explicitly racial mode of thinking.

The first step is to simply be aware of the ground that drains the flow of energy and see how it reflects the racial focus of the demonic Jews. Then, shift the consciousness away from accepting their fight on their terms and fighting our fight on our terms.

I think that was what Sam Francis realized had to be done and he was attacked and ultimately destroyed for it. Lets not make his mistake. Let's understand the tools and techniques of our remarkably effective racial enemies the demonic Jews and where useful pull the football away from their kicker and apply them for our race so we finally get off our back and on the scoreboard. For a welcome change.