"I don't think that it is the Jews who are all the problem but the Judaisers, both Jewish and gentile. There is a difference. This is the hard thing to think about and express clearly". Comment by Shari


I keep putting off answering Shari because she is trying to say something it is hard for people to understand: "This is the hard thing to think about and express clearly."

Have you considered, Shari, that I have the same problem? I attack "Christians," but I try to hard to keep in the quotes. One preacher wrote to me protesting an attack on "Christians" and I replied: "I SAID quote Christians unquote. I can't put it more clearly than that.

"Why would YOU want to defend the quote Christians unquote when YOU attack them all the time?"

He amazed me. Instead of being self-righteous about it, he said he understood what I meant.

Yes, Shari, it IS hard to say and express clearly.

The Judaizers are on the left and the right. And every word I say about them causes a knee-jerk reaction. Yes, Shari, as you say, this is very hard to express.

It gets even worse when I try to point out that it is not all about JEWS. That is something neither Jews nor anti-semites can bear.

I get attacked by both the rabbis who are obsessed with Jews and the anti-rabbis whose whole life is also Jews.

I couldn't care less whether Jews are a tribe or a race or Purple People Eaters. My only interest in them is that their whole purpose, their whole being, is to be our enemies.

This is HERESY. I am supposed to be fascinated by Jews, to study their history and their writing in detail.

Which is why I am such a fan of Stokeley Carmichel. I quoted him in a piece that went out over the Associated Press: "If I hear "six million Jews" one more time, I'm going to PUKE."

If you read what Jesus said, he predicted that his words would be perverted this way.

Shari, "Christians" have nothing to do with Christianity, HENCE THE QUOTATION MARKS.

"Christianity" CREATED Jews.

"If anybody wants to hear about it, I will explain this".

"Thanks in part to Stormfront I learned more about Jews than any goy would ever want to know".

Comment by Al Parker


But Al, you qualified for my SEMINAR. Of course you can read Jewish Supremacism and profit from it. Have you completely forgotten how you GOT to this stage?

You first saw that something basic was terribly wrong, and that the arguments for it were ridiculous. You didn't START with Jews. You didn't start out seeing the whole picture.

If you want to teach, you have to understand how to introduce the basics. I keep praising Dr. Duke's efforts. But I insist that there is a place for a Basics instructor like me.

Not Mostly About JEWS (NMAJ)

I am considering putting a warning label on most of my writings here: NMAJ, Not Mostly About Jews. That will save a lot of people on our side the trouble of reading it and feeling cheated.

When I complain about the fact that most of us seem more obsessed with Jews than we are in learning about OTHER threats, I get the old line: "Know thine enemy."

Let me hit you with another line: "Know THYSELF."

I was reading a story by a New Englander written about 1883. At that time the Chinese were flooding into America, so he envisioned a future where the Chinese had taken over America, and the only holdouts were some old reactionaries in his own New England.

The story was about a New England bigot who did not want his daughter to marry a Chinese. In the end, Love triumphed. The old bigot had frozen his daughter to keep her from marrying the Chinese, but he could only do it for ten years, so the Chinese gentleman decided to wait for her.

Assimilation triumphed over bigotry. This was a New Englander writing in 1883, not a Jew writing today.

Back then, New England was covered in "Irish Need Not Apply" signs. But at the Republican Convention every four years, they demanded racial equality in the South.

Read what they WROTE, if you can spare a few minutes from Jews. Back then one of the major arguments against the South in New England was that JEWS down there had been pro-slavery.

Jews like Judah P. Benjamin and the Florida Jewish senator whose name I cannot remember were the ONLY two Jews ever elected to the US Senate. Bernard Baruch's father was a South Carolina Jew who was Assistant Surgeon General of the Confederacy.

Baruch was always embarrassed because every time he went to a concert in his coat and tie in New York City and "Dixie" was played, his father would leap up and scream the Rebel Yell.

Now let me comfort you. As soon as integration was forced on us, Jews here began to say they were for it all along. Now every real or imagined slight by white gentiles they ever suffered in their lives is that they talk about. Jews will sell you out.

But when Reconstruction was at its height and seemed that it would never end, Bernard Barush's father was a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

I once told a Jew that I had a special grudge against them. I said that Judah P. Benjamin was a member of the Confederate Cabinet, I told him about Bernard Baruch's daddy.

Then I added: "Where the HELL was the International Jewish Conspiracy when WE needed it?"

Nobody, but nobody, except me would look up the New England attitude toward whites back then, before Jews got the power they have now. The JEWS are supposed to have invented all that.

Now back to your regularly scheduled broadcast: "All Jews All the Time."