The last thing anybody but Whitaker could imagine calling a Jewish Intellectual is "immature."

In America, the New York Intellectual is regarded, even by his enemies, as the height of creative genius. So saying that New York writers are obsessed with dung because they are still mentally in the first grade hits people sideways.

Let me hit you sideways with another line: Jewish Intellectuals are not all that creative.

Contrary to what half-educated people tell you, Albert Einstein did not invent the Theory of Relativity. He would be the first to tell you that. He invented the Theory of SPECIAL Relativity. He extended the theory of relativity, which had been invented by a European gentile, to use light-speed as the basis of his theory of the universe. It was undeniably great work, but it was not his invention.

One thing that has been erased by history is the fact that Albert Einstein spent the last part of his life fighting Quantum Theory, developed by another European gentile. Quantum Theory is essential to modern science, but Einstein said it couldn't be true because, "God does not play dice with the universe."

Norman Mailer condemned the Moon Landing in 1969 as "Faustian." In other words, America was selling its soul to go into space. Today every person with a pacer keeping him alive owes it to the "Faustian" space program. Silicon Valley came from that space program. The benefits were endless. But Mailer's mind did not extend that far.

Another thing that has been erased from history is the Mule Train. When the space launch was about to begin, the entire civil rights movement and all its leaders had a Mule Train March to Cape Kennedy. Like Mailer they protested sending a man to the moon because the money should go to poor blacks.

Mailer could not understand that the basic research that went into the moon landing was enormously valuable to humanity in general. His idea of being humane was limited to taking from the rich and giving to the poor.

I loved Robin Hood, too.

But I grew out of it.