"IT'S VERY SIMPLE, BOB." | 2005-05-14

I now have a Saturday Internet broadcast, 6 pm EDT for an hour or so. You can find it at

WhitakerOnline Townhall Archive: "THE UNTRAINED EYE"

or at: Stormfront Townhall Saturdays

David Duke's outfit set it up. James Kelso there said it was "very simple."

I am going to get him for that.

Let me describe this "simple" setup.

I have a headset on. In the 1960s, a "headset" meant an entirely different thing which included a bong and some marijuana. The headset I mean here is a combination earphone and microphone. You adjust the sound and turn the headset off and on with a button on the headset.

But you ALSO do the program through Shoutcast, software which sends whatever you do on the headset to the central office of Dukeradio, which then puts it on the Internet. So you have to look at the "output" box on the Shoutcast diagram that is on your desktop.

Meanwhile, you have to keep the AIM monitor open. AIM is a direct link, just like Instant Messages on AOL, to Kelso and Company, so they can tell you if you are doing something wrong. If you are, you get a bell on your earphone.

I got a lot of bells.

For one thing, I accidentally turned off my headset.

Then you also monitor the Stormfront Townhall for comments. I thought I wasn't getting any, BECAUSE

You also have to hit the refresh button regularly.

All this time you are supposed to be doing the talking.

I have been a ham radio operator for decades, and I did a short stint as a radio announcer "doing my own board," so I know I will catch up on this, but there is nothing simple about it.

I am going to get Kelso for this.