IT'S GOT TO WORK | 2004-11-13

Modern religion HATES the idea that if you promise Wisdom and you are wrong, then you are a fraud. They do not take their religion as seriously as that. They believe all religions are equal. They believe all religions are worth paying for, so, while they don't really BELIEVE "all that stuff," they have a right to get paid for preaching it.

A Revelation is either a true revelation or it is fraud. That is exactly what the word "Revelation" means.

When your product is Wisdom, and people pay for it, you've given up your right to be wrong.

Every single claimant of Eastern Wisdom is a damned fool. He is babbling away and sometimes he says something smart. I have never met an old man of average intelligence who couldn't do a better job of that than the Great Oriental Philosophers.

The East talks. The West delivers. Nobody in the East wants to live the way the PEOPLE in the Great Civilizations they are blubbering about did.

Put up or shut up. That is Occidental Wisdom.