IT'S A WAR, STUPID! | 2003-04-12

International reporters reporting on the Saddam side stayed in the Palestine Hotel. Iraqis used the Palestine Hotel to shoot at Americans. Americans shot back at that hotel and reporters got hit. The international press squealed like pigs.

The international press was in the middle of a war in Baghdad but they expected to be safe.

They want American forces to watch out for them.

As usual, fashionable reactions make a decent person sick. They beat their chests and shout about how brave they are, but when they get hit, as any fool knows they will, they scream like babies.

This beating their chests and then whining is a standard part of fashionable opinion.

A few years back the Communist Workers Party went to North Carolina and demanded that the Klan come out and fight. The Klan came out and there was a gunfight. The Communists got shot to pieces.

As always the so-called Workers Party did not have a single worker in it. They were just Communists, city boys who couldn't shoot straight. So they cried and went to court. They got laughed out of court.

The History Channel showed a leftist documentary declaring what sweet and innocent kids the poor little Communist "Workers" were. Poor babies!

Actually the Communist "Workers" asked for trouble, said how brave they were, and then squealed like pigs when they got caught at it.

Just like the reporters in Baghdad.

That's sickening.