Last week I was congratulating Fox Cable News Network for daring to talk about Israeli spying.

It is clear that this phenomenon is no secret, since Israel is presently trying to get Jonathan Pollard released from a life sentence for spying against America for them. But Fox showed great courage in talking about it.

In a sane world, these two statements would seem odd.

Countries usually deny espionage or at least they apologize for it. But Israel openly demands that its American-born spy be released.

While everybody knows that Israeli spying takes place on a huge scale, we also know that no critic of Israel is allowed to talk about it. Israel and Dershowitz demand that their spy be released, but you and I are not allowed to even mention the whole subject.

We all know you can lose your job for mentioning Israeli spying. Anyone who talks about it is -- guess what? -- anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews. So I was astonished when Fox actually quoted an internal Federal memo which stated the rule that if you discussed Israeli spying you would lose your job.

I'm glad I mentioned it last week, because I now hear that Fox has snatched this story off the network and fired Carl Cameron who reported it. I wrote Fox to ask about this, but of course I got no reply.

Someone sent me a Fox URL on the story,2933,40684,00.html

It says

Carl Cameron

Friday, December 21, 2001

"This story no longer exists."

Here is a screen shot taken Thursday

I doubt that URL will still be there when you read this.

As I say, I cannot confirm this because Fox, which exposes others, will not respond to me.

The whole thing is straight out of "1984", isn't it?

Editor's note: I also attempted to check this story out with Fox News. They aren't talking to me, either. I also wrote to Carl Cameron's email address - no response, which could mean he isn't commenting or is no longer employed there.