In my imagination, I enter a room and sit at a table. At a nearby table, a man is hiding underneath. I can see his trembling backside, and I can hear him murmuring, "Forgive me. Oh, please, please, please forgive me."

Naturally this makes me a bit curious, so I ask someone, "What is that man doing?"

"He's leading a Revolution."

We watched Governor Beasley of South Carolina lead just such a Revolution. He found he could take South Carolina conservatives for granted, so he decided that, if he took down the Confederate Flag from the state capitol dome, there was nothing Southern traditionalists could do about it. After all, where would they go?

Beasley did what conservatives always end up doing: he sold out his base to get some respectability from liberals. His turned the Reagan Revolution in South Carolina into an apology. He may well have destroyed it, and if Republicans in South Carolina don't renounce this tactic immediately, they will have turned the state over to the New Democrats in the long run.

George Wallace, not Ronald Reagan, began the Reagan Revolution. It was the Wallace Democrats who marched out of the Democratic Party in 1968 who became the Reagan Democrats of 1980. If you count the votes, those Reagan Democrat votes made up ALL of the electoral revolution we have seen in our generation.

Not libertarians, though respectable conservative worship them. Not NeoConservatives, though respectable conservatives worship them, and no, Virginia, NOT the Religious Right, either. The Reagan Revolution is built on Wallace Democrats of 1968 and 1972. When he was shot, Wallace had a comfortable lead in the democratic primary in MICHIGAN!

Only after the shooting of Wallace did the left secure control of the Democratic Party.

All of that is forgotten. It is forgotten most of all by conservatives.

When Wallace died, all anybody talked about was how good Wallace did the Southern Crawl for daring to defy integration. I wrote an article here saying he had very good reason to fear integration and the Federal power and antiwhite motivation that was behind it.

After liberals and conservative respectables had talked about nothing but Wallace's Southern Crawl for days after his death, someone in the League was upset that WHITAKER brought up the race issue!

I didn't bring it up, but damn if I'll back down.

We must avoid being racists, but we must also avoid being Beasleys about it. When they attack us, we must hit back. Nobody leads a Revolution from under a table, whimpering.

This is why the lesson of respectable conservatism is so critical to us. Let me give you one vital lesson I have learned from over forty years of fighting the left: if you say, "I will not touch that issue," the left is going to grab that issue and bang you over the head with it until you are under that table.

Everybody agrees that nonwhites have problems. Whites have serious problems, too. Our birth rate is low and all of the lands where we live are being overrun from the third world. To say that is not to be anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

I once defined "New South" as "a term used by Southerners whose attitude toward the South is the same as an Uncle Tom's attitude toward blacks."

Whenever liberals or respectable conservatives tell me to do the Southern crawl, it is exactly like asking a black to be a good Uncle Tom and do a jig. And my response is the same as any self-respecting black man's would be to a like request.

Never avoid an issue. That gives the left something to hit you over the head with. If your world view makes any sense, you can deal with any issue directly and honorably. Our people expect leadership on all issues.

Let us learn the lesson Beasley and Inglis are teaching us. We will not be racists, but we will not be wimps either.