INTRO AND GUESTS | 2005-05-14

I have no intro for my show yet. The intro is where music comes on and someone announces, "This is the Bob Whitaker Show" and so forth. A young professional announcer has volunteered to do my intro and I plan to take him up on it.

But that will require another piece of equipment. I need to learn to use what I've got first.

I would also love to have guests. They could talk while I am trying to turn my mike back on.

When I was guest on James Edwards's "The Political Cesspool" a couple of times, I seem to have done well. James is another young pro who has his own radio station in Memphis and his show is on the internet at Listen to the Political Cesspool live.

James tells me he had his second best audience with Bay Buchanan. But his audience when I was his guest the second time doubled even her numbers.

James has volunteered to be a guest on my show anytime I want him, and I will want him a lot.

So what's holding me up?

The intro requires more equipment. Having a guest requires even more equipment, all of which I must learn to handle during the show. New equipment will have to wait until I learn to handle this stuff.

Add to all that James Kelso tells me having a guest on is "very simple."

That statement alone scares the hell out of me.