"IN OTHER WORDS" IS WRONG | 2005-08-20

The blithering idiot who is trying to be sophisticated thinks he is just stating what I said "in other words." That's a great way to miss the whole point.

My Internet radio program this week can be linked at: Townhall - The Untrained Eye is entitled, "The Silly Ideas We Live By."

They are each ideas that have caused incalculable suffering, and every one of them started as a sophisticated interpretation of a real fact.

They all sounded harmless and even idealistic when they first came out.

Long ago Americans discovered that some intellectual tools are very useful. You need to learn to read. You need to learn arithmetic. Today no one just learns a skill and stays with it the rest of his life. He must keep learning the newest techniques.

Then came the fatal words, "IN OTHER WORDS, education pays."

As a direct result of those OTHER WORDS our young people are now serfs to the professor-priesthood. A young person must waste four years of his youth in a university, then he must spend ten years paying off a backbreaking student loan.

But that is only the beginning. After he has paid off the student loan and has spent fourteen years serving the professor-priesthood, this person now in his mid-thirties can begin to think about having a family. But every child he plans to have will be another serf to the professor-priesthood.

So this person in his mid-thirties must begin to save money, not for a home or anything he or his family can use, but for tuition for each of his children, which means he can't have more than one or two. Tuition is rising astronomically and it already represents a back-breaking burden.

All this happened because of "IN OTHER WORDS" education pays.