I told people in the 1960s that the Confederate flag would eventually be banned. Like every other correct prediction I have made through the decades -- and Lake High will testify to how many there were -- I was laughed at for saying this.

I saw Germany outlawing the Nazis, but allowing the Communists free reign. The same thing happened in other countries. With respectable conservatives as our spokesmen, we could not demand rights for right-wing haters. But the left demanded all the rights for left wing haters any mainline political party had, and they never apologized for it.

When an American Nazi was lured to Denmark and seized there and taken to Germany for trial, the left cheered. They said he had been "hiding behind the first amendment" in America and putting Hate Speech on the web. Everybody agreed Germany was right to arrest someone got putting "Hate" on his Internet page, though it was legal in America.

But no liberal or respectable conservative will ever say a Communist who puts his hate on a web page is "hiding behind the first amendment." He is "exercising his constitutional rights."

In other words, through our respectable conservative spokesmen, we agreed that the right could be jailed for Hate, but the left was always innocent of it.

Now here is the point: In real world power politics, if you give someone the first step, they will take the second. That is how people who deal in power ALL do things.

The left had no intention of STOPPING with Nazis. They used Nazis to get our agreement that the left had freedom, but the right didn't. Next, they got Britain to agree that Pinochet, who was not a Nazi, could be seized, but no leftist could be. The right became a happy hunting ground for leftists out to crush anything they decide to call a hate crime.

So now the Boston Housing Authority has declared the SHAMROCK to be an official hate symbol! So the Confederate flag is now a sign of Hate, and respectable conservatives shout their agreement. I saw that coming as soon as I saw that the Buckleys of the world are the liberals' official wimps on call.