Respectable conservatives make their livings by conducting a respectful debate with the left.

What would happen to the respectable conservatives' livelihoods if they talked about the human movement in the above article?

I have never met a Communist who could deal with the fact that every Communist country had to kill ordinary citizens who tried to escape. That's why respectable conservatives never mention this point. You can't take leftists seriously if you realize they ALWAYS have to stop escapes. And you can't be respectable if you make leftists look as ridiculous as they are.

No rightist country has ever had to build a wall around itself. Blacks were free to move out of apartheid South Africa.

It is bad enough that apartheid South Africa never kept blacks in. What is even worse is that blacks kept pouring INTO South Africa during the apartheid days. No conservative could mention that and keep the debate with a liberal serious.

But to enforce leftist racial policy in America you have to chase whites down and bus them. The minute busing ends, the schools resegregate. The minute affirmative action is not enforced minorities disappear from major white campuses.

That is now the main liberal argument FOR affirmative action. They have to brag about the fact that real people don't want their policies.

Liberals talk about how bad white people are and how bad America is. But no conservative will ever mention the fact that refugees always move towards Americans and minorities always want to live in those evil, awful white countries.

To repeat, out here in the real world Africans wanted desperately to be admitted INTO South Africa under apartheid.

Leftists always said that the Vietnam War was awful because of all those poor refugees. No liberal ever mentioned that those refugees were always moving away from the Communists.

So no conservative mentions that.

Liberals love to talk about how evil whites are, but all mass movement is from brown lands to white lands. Wonderful as they are, those wonderful brown and black people don't make countries people want to live in. No conservative will ever make any liberal explain this.

Respectable conservatives make their living by being dumb and cowardly and never threatening liberals. Where else can dumb and cowardly people get paid for being dumb and cowardly?

The liberals who run our media learned all their politics from liberal professors in college. The only alternate argument they have ever heard has been from respectable conservatives.

So we have reporters assigned to cover all those Iraqi refugees coming across the borders of Jordan and Iraq and Turkey to escape the Americans.

Those reporters are plaintively asking, where are all the refugees?

And there is nobody to explain the world to them.