I react with fury against Moslems those who kill Americans for their Middle Eastern Holy Land.

I also reject those who would sell America out in the name of their Holy Land, the modern state of Israel.

The media suppress a lot of information, and it is usually the conservatives we depend on to do at least a little exposing of leftist bias and misinformation. But when it comes to media bias in favor of Israel conservatives are worse than the usual sources of misinformation.

We all know that for anybody in the United State Government to talk about the cover-up of Israeli spying will destroy their careers. But Fox actually quoted sources who said that! I simply could not believe it!

Fox is reporting Israeli firms that are being contracted to take over major functions of American government security. They exposed the fact that an Israeli firm controls all of our phone surveillance. Fox Cable News Network pointed out that this is NOT because the Israeli firm provides the best system. It is in fact a lousy system but somebody insisted on giving the Israeli firm a monopoly on it and no one has dared to object.

This firm works hand in glove with the Israeli government, the same government that sent in Pollard to spy on United States Government secrets, the same Jonathan Pollard who is now serving a life sentence for spying on the country he was born in.

I have read email from one American-born "Christian" conservative after another who told me flatly that his real loyalty is to the State of Israel. I have heard this kind of person join leftists like Derschowitz in saying that Pollard should be let go because he "only spied for Israel." So it is generally agreed that Americans whose first loyalty is to Israel SHOULD spy against America and for their real country.

If you disagree with this statement you are -- guess what? -- anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

According to national Christian conservative spokesmen you are also an Enemy of God.

So I could not believe it when Fox violated this absolute rule. More important, Fox Cable News Network has EXPOSED THIS ABSOLUTE RULE. They quoted a government memo which stated flatly that anyone mentioning Israeli spying was committing career suicide!!!

No respectable conservative would dare ever mention that.

This is very, very good. I know a lot of people will say that Fox Cable News had to mention this just because people like us are raising so much Cain about it on the Internet.

But that is good, too. It means that we are getting through the media blackout even in the most absolute areas.

This is a breakthrough of titanic proportions. It is also a breakthrough no Christian or respectable conservative national spokesman is going to mention. It is entirely up to us to make a big point of it.

Thank you, Fox Cable Network. We need to praise them for this, because I can assure you they are catching hell for it from the rulers of the right wing.

When they talk about "hate," the media is always talking about right-wingers. But believe you me, you have never gotten true hate mail until you say something critical about leftists or about Israel.