I AM NOT AN ANIMAL! | 2002-02-09

Another example of our totally racist outlook being presented as antiracism is the Politically Correct attitude toward animals and indigenous peoples.

For example, let us say you walk right into the middle of a television commentary and hear the following words,

"This may seem cruel and savage to us. But for them it is part of the natural scheme of things."

Let me ask you a question. Who is the "them" being referred to? Is the "them" the commentator is talking about native Americans, aborigines, or animals?

There is no way for you to know, because these same words are invariably applied to nonwhites and to animals. Unlike white people, they are an innocent part of nature, incapable of the sinfulness that comes with an enlarged brain.

The reason it is so easy to sell White Guilt is because, to our mind, animals and nonwhites are incapable of sinning. We find it easy to think that nonwhites and animals are always sinned against.

In other words, "antiracists" insist that to say that a nonwhite is guilty of sins against whites is as absurd as the idea that a squirrel could be guilty of a crime.

It is hard to imagine a more racist attitude than the one behind White Guilt.