Back when Bob Jones University had its tax deductible status revoked because it did not allow interracial dating, a reporter interviewed three Bob Jones students, one black and two whites.

The liberal reporter asked the black student, "Don't you resent being discriminated against?" The black student replied, "I can only date black women. I WANT to date black women. White students can only date whites. Why am I being discriminated against?"

That answer put the reporter in an AWFUL position.

If the other students had backed the black student up, he could have forced the reporter to admit that the reason he asked the black student that was because he looks upon black females as inferior.

Fortunately the reporter had the white students to talk to. As good respectable conservatives, they acted as if the black guy wasn't there, and got the reporter off the hook by going into nice abstract arguments.

Liberals all agree that a black man who is denied blond beauty is being discriminated against.

Liberal or conservative or Communist, all white folks assume that non-whites are inferior. We only argue about what to do about it.

Liberals support the underdog. They take it for granted that blacks are the eternal and incurable underdogs.

So do I.

But I am the racist.

Black "leaders" live on liberal handouts. They leave it to heroes like Stokley Carmichael to go to Africa and die there working to help out black people.

Black "leaders" stay in the Maryland suburbs and make a good living attacking the Confederate flag.

They say whites are racist. We all know that. But black "leaders" never explain exactly what "racist" means. It would ruin their whole gig.