Every fan of is a miracle. Almost every European and Canadian is a knee-jerk liberal, but Americans like you laugh at leftist silliness.

The most important three hundred and twenty-six (326) words I have ever written are in the present (April 6, 2002) World View, titled "WAREHOUSING THE YOUNG."

If anyone from another age looked at our time, the first thing he would notice is that every child who reaches the age of fourteen delays his adulthood and spends eight years being told how to think every day by a self-perpetuating bureaucracy that calls itself "teachers."

Nobody but me even notices this titanic fact of life.

You and every "educated" European go through eight years of concentrated drilling in how stupid everybody else is and how smart professors are. They call it leftism, but it really is just the idea that professors are the only unselfish and smart people on earth.

The difference is that, with you, all that training didn't take.

Almost every European I know quotes a PhD like he is a god. In Europe, academic opinions from abolishing the death penalty to how Communists are just as good as we are are popular beliefs that everyone votes for at every election. They are being overrun by third world immigrants, but every election shows Europeans would rather throw away their countries than have the "intellectuals" call them racists.

It is not surprising that almost all Europeans and Canadians worship professors. You are the miracle because you went through eight years of this and it didn't take. So, to me, every one of you is an incredible example of mental survival.

Europeans would not have any idea what I am talking about. It could never occur to them that they have been propagandized. Like Europeans, Canadians honestly believe that every point of view was given a fair hearing in their schools.

And their professors warned them day after day about "simplistic people" and "anti-intellectuals" like you and me.