On principle, New England opposed the admission of every state after the first thirteen. They only favored the admission of slaveless status when they were overthrowing the Southern slavocracy. But in the end it was New England's alliance with the West in the anti-South coalition and the Republicans Party that destroyed the only competitor for ruling America that the Northeast ever had.

It paid off handsomely. Right up to the 1930s the Lodges and other New England top dogs ruled Republican politics, which meant they ruled the country. The payoff in power was handsome, and the payoff in money was stupendous. All industry was confined to the Northeast by railroad rates that made it impossible to ship manufactured goods north AND EAST.

But the Yankee Nation got paid LONG before it actually took the country over completely. It is often mentioned that the US Government had a SURPLUS and no debt in Jackson's day. No one will EVER tell you WHY.

At the very beginning of Our Glorious and Beneficial Union the Yankee Nation made a deal that no Jewish pawnbroker could ever hope to find a goy dumb enough to swallow. Until World War I the Federal Government was financed almost entirely from tariffs. You might say, "Lord! Those Southerners were DUMB! The Yankees got the Federal Government and even patronage jobs FREE!"

And people who finally get THIS through their heads will NEVER realize that that was the LEAST of the deal. The Yankee Nation did not ONLY get exempted from Federal taxation, but they got even MORE than the entire Federal budgets by means of those tariffs. You see, in order to avoid tariffs Southerners had to pay whatever price Northern industry decided to sell its products at. Every extra percentage point tariffs went up paid New England many millions of dollars.

Can you imagine anybody dumb enough to allow that? That was Our Glorious Union from the word "Go!" It's a wonder that, stupid as we were, we lasted as long as we did.

When the Glorious Union was Saved, all restraint went off of tariffs. And all industry was in the Northeast due to discriminatory rail rates. So Republicans jacked up the tariffs and Northeastern monopolies jacked up their prices.

With what Jews would call, "such a DEAL! Why did the Yankee Nation die off? It dies off by doing exactly what America is doing today. Wealthy families produced New England school marms and Emily Dickinsons and other sterile females. Meanwhile, as the profits of industry skyrocketed, they needed cheap labor, Irish, Polish, Italian and so forth.

The last representative of the Yankee Nation, Henry Cabot Lodge, lost his Senate seat to a guy name Kennedy in 1952. When he ran for vice president in 1960 they lost to the same John Kennedy.

You will play hell finding any sign of The Yankee Nation in New England. They made SUCH A DEAL that they forgot about controlling their OWN territory. The Jews are so desperate to destroy whites that they have doomed themselves, too. But it always bothers me that anti-Semites are unteachable about REAL American history. They are right about Jews, but they are blind to the fact that the Jews are NOT new. The Yankee Nation hated the white race and other Americans with a blindness that destroyed them before most Jews got here.

As Alan points out, Southerners are the only nation left in America. As the country becomes swamped with minorities, only we will be able to deal with them. The Yankee-Jew approach only works as long as no one tosses their power-group out. As long as Yankees kept their image as The Only True Patriots, they survived. But they could only live off others, and when they could not, the nation died. They got so tied up in ruling that they lost track of their own existence, just as Jews have.

Once again, the example of Sauron comes to mind. He put most of his power in The One Ring to rule others. When the Ring was destroyed, he fell. There was time when the South needed 65-IQ labor from Africa.

Now the mulattoes are not the same and they are not needed. But ALL the work we needed African slaves for is now done by machines. In short, our nation does not have to dominate to survive. Try to imagine Israel living on its own resources and with no cheap Arab labor.

Every part of the white race will lose huge numbers to miscegenation. Such is the nature of all-out war. But we are the ONLY group of whites who can lead the way to survival.