Vanishingly few people can tell you the origin of four of the most-used words in the English language, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

When Wagner's Niebelungenlied begins, Odin announces, "I gave an eye for love of Freya."

This is pure Romantic Era crap, but it no more inaccurate than the accepted history version of why Odin was the one-eyed god who hung on Yggsdradil and lost an eye in torture. Like all Indo-European languages, Old Norse had a word for "knowledge" and a word for "wisdom." In NO OTHER religion does anyone seek KNOWLEDGE, that is, to know more data.

All the sources are very specific about this: Odin gave an eye to KNOW more Information, for KNOWLEDGE, not for some Wisdom he could sit on his butt and impress the students with. Odinism reflects the Nordic genes it comes from. Accepted history, when it mentions this at all, always uses the word Wisdom. Western science is rooted in the Nordic mentality of Odinism, not in Middle Eastern Culture.

If you want to know the dog poo the Greatest Generation built Political Correctness out of, read the first volume of Isaac Asimov's Foundation Trilogy. He simply writes down what everybody accepted in the 1950s. The Galactic Empire was about to fall, and only with an Empire could there be knowledge and fundamental advances. So Asimov's heroes set out to build a New Empire where civilization would return. Until they did all would be darkness.

The history on which Political Correctness is built says that everything was created by Egypt, taught to Greece, then transmitted to the Romans from Greece, and then all fell into darkness with the Fall of Rome. Only the Moslems and the monasteries held this knowledge while the West wallowed in the stagnant darkness of Shaggy Barbarians.

Then came the renaissance, and this Knowledge was rediscovered. Nothing the West did had anything to do with Western GENES. It was all a matter of us Shaggy Barbarians rediscovering the Common Heritage of Mankind.

Historians are not about to put things in the plain English that I do. As with the Mantra, just putting what they say in plain English makes them look like the fools they are. But books of fiction have to put things just that plainly to go on and tell the story.You will find the idea that only monasteries preserved the Common Heritage of Mankind in another science fiction book, "A Canticle for Leibowitz."

It is vital to Political Correctness that the truth about Odinism not be discussed.