There was a very interesting comment which discussed "busses," meaning people on whom other people depend. For example, a small business owner is a bus on which all his workers and his family ride.

They pay their fare, but the ride can't take place without the "bus."

There is a lot of talk about "precious resources," which usually means semi-retarded kids society is supposed to dump money on so they can "be all that they can be."

But a society that concentrates on a kinder and gentler conservatism or such like is to that extent taking its mind off its buses. In Asia the society concentrated entirely on fawning over old men who sat around and said Wise Stuff while children passed out with hunger all around them.

The Wisdom Busses of China were broken down, and the society had lots of Wisdom and stagnation.

America has had a zero growth rate for going on two generations for the first time in our history. As Asia starved and talked about Wisdom, America has stagnated and talked about Social Progress.

We have long since discovered that the Social Progress we derived from our ideas of Nature, a society without the class distinctions and territoriality caused only by man's unnatural acts, is in fact the opposite of actual nature.

In fact, China threw out its Ancient Wisdom for Marxism, which is based precisely on the idea that all class distinctions and property and territoriality is artificial. Now China has found that that was as bad a Wisdom and is trading it in for capitalism and Social Progress.

In other words, as I suspect it has done for three thousand years, the Orient is adopting whatever it gets from Aryans.

China, by the way, is not even all that ancient. White India developed aquatic rice, the kind China is based on, and Aryan India developed the gurus, suspiciously like Chinese Wise Men, after the truly early Aryan invasions.

I've never seen any of this, especially the relationship of White India to China, discussed anywhere else.

But history's bus always seems to comfort those "Scythians" or that series of "Northern invasions," now called eastern invasion that kept coming in the Middle East.

So who can be called the bus of history?

The Middle East?


Or those people nobody can trace who keep coming into history and causing its next stage?