There is no such thing as history. A true historian studies other people's PRESENT. That is why Politically Correct history is such a farce. The PC historian is trying to show how everybody he is writing about was doing things in order to produce the political outlook of today. They search through every word Jefferson said to find something that will show he really thought just like he was supposed to.

A true historian studies other people's PRESENT. For example, it is hard for any of us to fully realize that those we read about in Ancient History had an ancient history of their OWN. Nothing illustrates the poverty of our history better than the fact that there has only been one book, in ANY language, about tourism in ancient times, "Travel in the Ancient World" by Lionel Casson.

I have read it at least twenty times. I have it right here beside me.

Casson points out that the pyramids were a huge tourist attraction in 2000 BC. You see, by then the older pyramids was ancient history to the Egyptians who were traveling four millennia ago. We telescope history together so we do not realize that a thousand-year-old monument was as much a wonder to them as Middle Age churches in Europe are to Europeans and Americans today.

One assumes that hieroglyphics on those pyramids were readable to the scribes who visited in 2000 BC. If you think so, try reading something written in Anglo-Saxon a thousand years ago.

Herodotus is known as "The Father of History." He wrote in the fifth century B.C. But there is something startling modern about WHY he traveled all over his ancient world, all the way to the Black Sea. He was trying to prove exactly what historians are trying to prove today, that everything began in the Middle East.

Herodotus overriding interest was comparative theology. He was traveling when the Egyptian Empire was already three thousand years old. So he tried to show how the Greek gods were derived from the Egyptian gods, just as historians today say that every invention and civilization itself are solely products of Egypt, Mesopotamia and, of course, ancient Israel.

We now know, of course, that the Indo-European gods had nothing whatever to do with the Egyptian ones. We know about Indo-European history, but that was heresy when it first came up. It is still heresy to say that anything came from anywhere but the Middle East, until you are praising ancient China or showing how Egypt was produced by black Africa.