Our version of history developed because of the Bible. Christianity was already a huge group by the second century, AD. Even then people were going to Israel to find relics. Probably before that the same millions of Hellenic Jews who became the Christian Church had been making regular pilgrimages to Jerusalem.

When Constantine became a Christian the hunt began in earnest. The Emperor Justinian's wife, Theodora, made her own travels to Palestine and she found the True Cross, the Birth Place of Christ and a lot of other things. A modern historian who says, "I'm a PhD and my peer PhDs agreed this very convenient fact is true so shut up."

Theodora said, "I'm the Emperor's wife and this is the True Cross and you had better believe it or you'll see what a non-true cross feels like." Exactly the same thing, just different times, different mores.

But as atheism took over academia, they needed somewhere besides the Old Testament for everything to come from. They found it right next door. Mesopotamia was on one side of Palestine and Egypt was on the other. Do the arithmetic. What is the statistical probability that all things really originated within a few miles of where archeologists were already digging?

Nobody questioned it. It is still our official history.

My explanation is a bit different, and it is not cloaked in abstractions and details to show you how academic I am. Egypt and Mesopotamia had become colored lands and their advances had died. But if you just say that colored folks did all the stuff you are halfway to Political Correctness already.

But there is more to it than that. I have written about Garbage Dump History. I said that, if a catastrophe wiped out civilization tomorrow, historian of the future would say that everything was invented in the New York City Garbage Dump. Like Egypt, that would be the place everything would be found. We could get a theory that twentieth-century Harlem was the fountain of all greatness.

We find colored people in the dead, dry lands where nothing has moved for a thousand years.

Do you think there would be any WHITE people living in such places? The very absence of whites there should give you some indication of what REAL history is like. White Flight began a LONG time ago.*

But I am the only person who has made that observation.

And I won't be here forever, gang.

The Garbage Dump History of the future would come to the same conclusion pesernt historians do. It would be found that huge garbage dumps were placed away from the ritzy parts of town. Anyway those ritzy parts would be built over and archeologists would be looking for OLD stuff. They would find it in the dumps. The population nearest the dumps would be largely ghettoes. So obviously civilization was a product of minorities.

An almost unbelievable amount of NEW history was found when they discovered one single Ice Man in Europe. His corpse date from the time the first pyramids were being built. History had built a whole story of the development of weaving from the fact that his clothes should have been invented over two thousand years later in the Middle East. His tattoos, a method history had said developed in the Middle East much later, showed the needle-point therapy, acupuncture, that was supposed to be developed a couple of thousand years later as part of Oriental Wisdom in China.

That was ONE body. Instead of causing history to be questioned, it was tossed into a sort of "Ripley's Believe It or Not" category in some documentaries and then carefully forgotten.

As so often happens, there is an alliance between Old Testament "Christians" and atheistic Political Correctness professors that neither one knows about. The Old Testament types want everything to be developed in Palestine. You will never hear an accurate description of where Mount Ararat is in a Sunday School class and no professor will talk about it.

So if you say that everything started in Egypt and Mesopotamia, the "Christians" will scream foul. If you say it all came from Palestine the atheist professors will raise hell.

But if you say that things came from OUTSIDE the Middle East, both groups will join the lynch party or the laughter at the idiotic theory, whichever mode is in fashion at the moment.

What is important about the Ice Man, for instance, is not the breathless news we hear. If anybody else will join me in CLEAR, BASIC thinking, he will see a whole new world of history opening up to him.

* There was a stele at the Second Cataract of the Nile, which survived into modern times to be photographed repeatedly before it was flooded over by the Aswan Dam, that said, "No Nubian shall cross this line except to buy provisions and return."