In the Great Catastrophe of 2050 A.D. almost all ancient records were destroyed. As civilization began to come back, historians began to try to find out about the past. But they despaired.

The reason they despaired was because they had found enough ancient records to know that historians of the pre-2050 era had only been able to find real history because of an incredibly fortunate coincidence. It happened that everything before them had been invented in the Middle East. Due to a miracle, the Middle East was the very place where all real history had been preserved.

While Europe and all other places had had rain and city after city had been built on the same spot, the Middle East was a place where ruins were found out on the desert. In the Middle East many civilizations fell and STAYED fallen. In Europe one invasion had followed another invasion.

The new historians knew the saying "Ex Oriente Lux," "Light comes from the East," on which history before them had been constructed. Everything old had been found in the Middle East, so everything had originated in the Middle East.

Post-2050 historians were delighted beyond measure when they found they had a similar miracle.

Out on the islands of what was once New York, there was a huge, buried area that the pre-2050 ancients had called "Garbage Dump." Right there was where the earliest example of every kind of writing and artifact of the old civilization was found!

Everything had originated right there, in "Garbage Dump!"

Be it the Middle East or the Garbage Dump, the professional historian's motto is, "The Truth is IN there!"

The new history could be written. Everything could be traced to its origins in Garbage Dump.

Ex Garbage Dump Lux.