Oh , how philosophical those Latins are! They don't take things so seriously. If their water is dirty or products are shoddy, they shout "C'est la Vie!" and shrug in a sophisticated way.

How wonderful!! How Wise!

Unless, of course, you would rather have water that is clean and products that work. To have those things you have to live among people who will accept nothing less.

Those who talk about "Hispanic culture" glory in the Mexican attitude. But real Mexicans keep desperately trying to get OUT of Mexico and into the United States. The United States has that Northern European attitude that won't put up with what Mexicans take for granted.

I don't want a bunch of third worlders in America for exactly the same reason that the third world wants to be here. All third worlders demand is an America that is like the countries they come from, except for the wages.

Third worlders will accept a level of dirt and poverty in their homelands that no American would stand for a minute. Big businessmen think that's wonderful. It means labor is cheaper.

The same thing goes for government. The third world minority vote demands very little. They are not spoiled like Americans are. The third world voter is happy to accept promises instead of results. They don't ask that anything actually WORK.

Conservatives have been saying that they were going to get the minority vote for the last fifty years. Conservatives say crime is a far more serious problem in minority areas than it is in white areas, so minorities will soon be voting for them and for their Law and Order platforms.

But crime has steadily gotten worse in minority communities, but they are just as slavishly liberal as they ever were.

In America, minorities do not demand results.

In Africa and Latin America the police kick people around routinely in ways no American whites would allow for a minute. Third worlders do not demand results. Their water is dirty, they take starvation wages, their products don't work, and their governments are awful.

So if all those people come to America, what kind of magic will keep America so different from the countries they came from?

A country full of third worlders becomes the third world. But conservatives will never think of that.