Hillary Clinton, that product of the Love Generation, has ads out about an Evil Race. These ads warn that people from this Evil Race are going to take over the Senate if her opponent wins and helps maintain a Republican majority.

New York voters are being warned that, if Lazio is elected to the Senate over Hillary, he will help elect Jesse Helms as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. "Lazio," the campaign charges, "wants Trent Lott as Majority Leader."

Then comes the capper: "Jesse Helms is from NORTH CAROLINA. Trent Lott is from MISSISSIPPI." These Loving New Yorkers go down the list, naming the top Senate Republicans and, to make their point, the Citadels of Evil they come from -- all Southern states.

Meanwhile, the Gore campaign is attacking just about everything in Texas. In 1992, Republicans tried doing that to Arkansas, and Clinton raised hell about sectional bigotry. On CNN, he even backed down a BLACK reporter about it!

A couple of quick questions. What if a Republican-produced ad for a congressional seat showed the picture of black after black who would be chairman of a House committee if Democrats won the majority there? Can you imagine the outcry and the screams of "anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews!"?

What if an ad pointed out what a disaster the CONSTITUENCIES of these black congressmen are? What if those ads pointed to the disease, crime, and poverty these black congressmen had in their districts, the way Gore is attacking Texas?

The Hillary ads end up by saying that Lazio would give all those positions to Southerners, while Hillary "represents New York." So our hypothetical ad would end up saying that the Democratic opponent wants to give everything to blacks, while our candidate represents whites.

Liberals would scream bloody murder, and every Republicans would rush to back them up. As always, conservatives would ask only to be allowed by liberals to lead their lynch mob -- good old Brownie Points!

So how long will it be before one single Republican anywhere, especially Bush, breathes a word about this sectional bigotry?

Don't hold your breath.