HAPPY SEASON! | 1999-12-25

I want everyone who sends out "Season's Greetings" cards to think about this: what would you think of someone who saved some of these cards, and send them out to their Jewish friends at Passover? It would be bad manners, wouldn't it?

You see, Passover is not just another "season" to Jews. It is one of the two most important Jewish holidays. So you wouldn't send a "Season's Greetings" card to a Jew at Passover because Jews have feelings. Fortunately Christians don't have feelings, so you can send all the "Season's Greetings" cards you want to at Christmas.

Almost every time I get a Christmas card from another Christian it has the salutation, "Season's Greetings." No Jew is going to see the card, but it is assumed that the Jewish population will be comforted knowing that no one is saying "Merry Christmas" behind their backs. Do Jews really stay awake at night worrying that Christians may be saying "Merry Christmas" to each other? None of the Jews that I know ever did.

But no one who formulates Political Correctness cares a fig what real, flesh-and-blood Jews worry about. Those demanding that the Confederate flag come down say their only concern is that it offends black people. Polls of real black people do not indicate that the main concern of black people in South Carolina is the Confederate flag. There is no evidence that most blacks were offended by it or even concerned about it until their "leaders" told them to be ( See October 30, 1999 article, "What the Flag Boycott Really Means.").

And those black leaders were following liberal orders. This sort of Political Correctness uses minorities as an excuse. But their real aim is to dictate the behavior of the white Christian majority. The aim of Political Correctness is power, pure and simple. Today we have the once free American population blubbering excuses and begging to be told what they are allowed to say and how they are allowed to say it.

Saying what we damned well pleased used to be the hallmark of an American. For those who wanted to rule us, this proud free speech was the first obstacle they had to overcome. If you doubt it has been overcome, look at the cards you receive on December 25, and count the number that refer to Christmas by name.

Happy Season!