One of the major effects of busing was to show the children that their parents could not protect them. In Louisville, a child would have to show up at the school bus stop at 5 AM, ride for hours, be sent into a hostile environment to school, and spend hours getting home exhausted. And his parents could not do anything. The Powers That Be could do anything to them that they wanted to, and their parents, whom they thought were giants in their world, could do nothing.

Lake High informs me that in Britain, burglars just march into private homes and take whey want, with the parents and children right there.

In Britain, gun control performs the same function busing did here. In Britain, burglary is much more frequent than in the United

States. And the burglars no longer strike when the family is away. Some 43% -- or three in seven -- robberies in Britain occur WHILE THE FAMILY IS AT HOME.

Any means of self-defense is absolutely forbidden by British law, so the thugs just march in.

In the evil and self-defense-minded US, only six percent of burglaries occur when the family is at home.

Can you imagine the effect this has on the children in the United Kingdom? Having their parents at home means absolutely nothing. The thugs just come in and push them out of the way.

The big liberal kick right now is to get all guns out of homes with children in them. Naturally, like busing, this is just for the good of the kids. But it also removes the ability of parents to protect their children.

Every single judge I know of who ordered busing had grandchildren in PRIVATE SCHOOLS. Likewise, Rosie O'Donnell, the leader in this anti-gun movement, has hired an armed bodyguard for her kid. She and the liberal judges can protect their children. But they fight to prevent the average American from doing it.

If you believe that violence is the worst thing that can happen to people, then you have no right to be a free human being. We have to be willing to face violence in extreme cases to protect our freedom AND OUR SELF-RESPECT. But the British are willing to destroy all the faith of their children in them to keep out weapons for self-defense. They think getting rid of weapons by law-abiding people will prevent violence. Obviously, they are wrong. But even if they were right, can you imagine allowing thieves to take over your home, with your children there, for anything in the world.