So now Palestinians are waving swastikas in the Israelis' faces and calling them Nazis. Guess who developed THAT tactic?

Richard Herrnstein was a Jewish psychology professor at Harvard who co-wrote "The Bell Curve." "The Bell Curve" discussed the importance of HEREDITY to intelligence in general and specifically the huge gap between the INNATE (inborn) intelligence of whites and blacks.

Herrnstein was promptly accused by the left of being a Nazi. The fact that he was a Jew did not cause them one moment's hesitation. HITLER believed intelligence was inherited, so anyone who says intelligence is inherited is instantly anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews (but see June 22, 2002 - SUPREME COURT SAYS THAT IQ IS A LIFE AND DEATH MATTER).

One guy told me Herrnstein was just writing about heredity to get in good with the rightists. Why a Harvard professor would want right wing credentials is beyond me. I once protested Herrnstein's treatment at Harvard in a book, and he wrote me to quiet down.

Another minor point: when Herrnstein coauthored "The Bell Curve," he was dying of cancer and he knew it. So I doubt he was trying to get in good with anybody.

So everybody has been free to use Hitler's anti-Semitism for anything from gay rights to women's lib or anything else that might reduce the number and power of the white gentile-dominated right.

But now -- surprise surprise! -- that same "Nazi" label is the rallying cry of anti-Israelis around the world!

Which is exactly what Christ warned the Jews about two thousand years ago.