GO, PAT, GO! | 2002-01-19

They were interviewing Pat Buchanan about his new book, "The Death of the West." "The Death of the West" describes what we have been telling people for fifty years. Buchanan is finally saying that the colored world is going to swamp the white world, and that sick-minded whites are all for it.

Pat says what you and I have been saying for decades, that there is something morally sick about ANY people who WELCOME their own disappearance.

Pat has come a long way since he used to say that Americans fought and died in World War II specifically for the purpose of opening Europe to massive Third World immigration!

And during the interview referred to here, Pat made the statement I have been waiting for SOMEBODY to make SINCE BEFORE I REACHED MY TEENS.

Pat was asked about the economic stimulus package that is the main subject of debate in Washington right now.

Pat replied, "The Visigoths are invading Italy and in Rome they're debating A STIMULUS PACKAGE! Compared to the Death of the West this is NOTHING!"

You cannot imagine how joyous I was finally hearing somebody say that. Like most of my older readers I have lived with this wisdom for almost fifty years.

All those years I was a desperate young person who saw what was happening to our whole civilization.

And all that time I had to listen to conservatives talk about "fiscal responsibility," religious issues, and absolutely anything else they could come up with. They shut me up when I tried to discuss the Real Issue, because the Real Issue was the one issue liberals will not let them discuss.

It never occurred to them there was a REASON that liberals banned them from discussing the One Real Issue.